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What readers have said about John Stone's books.....


  • "Gifts from Above gives a nice feeling of being loved and cared for by those, most of us can't see."

  • “Daring To Dream is an excellent and inspirational guide that helps the reader set a foundation in his soul whose stability supports Astral experiences.
    I was particularly intrigued by the chapters on undertaking a Vision Quest, and I have been inspired to plan my own.
    Kudos to an author that wonderfully communicates from personal experience a means of personal transformation in others.”
    Walt B.
  • “This book came at the perfect time in my life. John Stone has created a clear and concise addition to anybody's spiritual journey, even if you don't yet know that you're on one.
    Filled with remarkable insight that I haven't ever seen explained in relation to lucid dreaming, I believe it was the 'missing piece' of my puzzle. Most people seem to deal with ways to "trick" your mind into waking up in a dreamstate, but Stone points out that if your soul itself is prepared for the task, everything can naturally fall into place.
    After all this, Stone also helps the reader set up his own personal Vision Quest. This is the part that was most helpful to me. Basically providing a "recipe" for preperation and the quest itself, I am ready to begin thinking mine out for Springtime.
    I highly recommend this book to all interested in help along the path of attaining spiritual wisdom.”

  • This is one of the most profound books on spirituality that I have read and makes a nice addition to my library. I highly recommend it..”

    Sharon B.



Spiritual Visions Books

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Psychic Protection Book

Just Released!
The Spiritual Life - Psychic Protection in the Internal Journey. How to neutralize lower forces in our inner lives. Read about this Psychic Protection Book.

Spiritual Visions Book

Just released!
Gifts from Above - A Story of how Spirit Heals us during Illness. For anyone seeking to understand the iinfluences of the higher worlds.

Spiritual Dreams Books

Cultivating the Divine - My personal story of expressing Life with the help of Divine Guidance. Read more about this Spiritual Dreams Book.

Vision Dreams Book

Daring to Dream - a guide to visionary experiences, takes us through the door of possibility with purification practices that lead to spiritual dreams.
Faeries Book
Faeries Found - a guide to entering the faerie realms, takes us into the forgotten, but divinely inspired world of elementals and faeries.

The King of Camelot - I hope you enjoy my account—written by a lucid dreamer and time traveler—of one of the greatest stories ever told.


Read about John Stone's Upcoming Work about Spiritual Protection Here.

My Spiritual Teacher

  • The Late Carla Neff Gordan