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Psychic Protection BookJust Released!
The Spiritual Life - Psychic
Protection in the Internal Journey.
How to neutralize lower forces in
our inner lives. Read about this
Psychic Protection Book.





Spiritual Visions Book Just released!
Gifts from Above - A Story of how
Spirit Heals us during Illness. For
anyone seeking to understand the
influences of the higher worlds.






Spiritual Dreams BooksCultivating the Divine - My personal
story of expressing Life with the help of
Divine Guidance. Read more about this
Spiritual Dreams Book.






Vision Dreams BookDaring to Dream - a guide to visionary
experiences, takes us through the door
of possibility with purification practices
that lead to spiritual dreams.






faeries-lucid-dreamingFaeries Found - a guide to entering the
faerie realms, takes us into the
forgotten, but divinely inspired world of
elementals and faeries.






dreaming-camelotThe King of Camelot - I hope you
enjoy my account—written by a lucid dreamer
and time traveler—of one of the greatest
stories ever told.





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My Spiritual Teacher

carla neff gordan

The Late Carla Neff Gordan

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