Spiritual Dreams

Spiritual Dreams


Cultivating the Divine

In Cultivating the Divine, Stone takes us on a journey of spiritual discovery with his teacher and medium, during her life in the Earth and after. Learning to receive visions and communications from the higher worlds, he discovers a door into the dream world that reveals a world beyond imagination.
A life spent seeking Oneness with God, this is a story of a life lived with Divine Guidance.

From the Book . . .

What is the dark masculine? I don't know how one can truly identify its presence, but it is easy to find evidence of its existence. I would suggest that it exists within us in varying degrees—that part of us that believes we can solve every problem with a physical action. It's an impatient part that would deny the ebb and flow of nature and resists allowing us to find harmony with the earth, and each other…

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What readers are saying about the Book:

"This book is a beautiful account of John's personal experiences within the multidimensional realms that are accessible in Dreamtime. It shines a light out to both experienced astral travelers and beginning dreamers alike. Most of it is written in a storytelling fashion that comes straight from his direct encounters with the divine, which makes it almost impossible to put down once begun. Between his recollections of his own dreams and retelling of channeled messages which came through his spiritual teacher and medium, Carla Neff Gordan, it is extremely empowering to those wishing to know the higher types of love that are available in the divine realms. A dream teacher and avid astral traveler myself, it was extremely enriching to read about the extraordinary encounters of someone older and more experienced than myself; especially when this matter is still not highly discussed or understood within the human family-at-large."

Dream Teacher, Charlene Widzinski

"In the western mountains of New Mexico is a man who calls himself a 'Dream Teacher'. His name is John Stone and his work in helping others to interpret some of their most meaningful experiences in the dreamtime as well as develop an ability to have lucid dreams is not only part of his calling, it is the basis for his writings. In his book, Cultivating the Divine, John offers his own incredible connections with spiritual realms through very detailed descriptions and intriguing dialog with guides and famous artists as well as strong lessons learned from his experiences.

He has developed a great deal of awareness during his dreams and is able to recall many details. After the author had spent some time experimenting with the art of painting, he experienced a very strong dream where he met a famous artist. He describes an encounter with Picasso which led him to an understanding about the artist's detachment from the energy of his countrymen and the ensuing war while also maintaining compassion for humanity, ultimately freeing the artist to create his paintings.

John's most detailed experiences come in the form of dialogs between himself and a spiritual entity called 'Mary' who was initially channeled by his late teacher, Carla Neff Gordon. Mary instructs John about his path and the work he will be doing as well as the preparation required. This particular conversation is written in a manner which easily draws the reader into the dream as if watching it played out on a movie screen. John also reveals some of his own personal life while recalling his conversations with Mary and it is obvious to the reader how the true depth of our inner experiences are often hidden to the outside world and yet, this is where true healing begins. In revealing these personal dreams, John also lays out a roadmap for others to begin a quest towards healing through the discovery and access of their own inner sanctuary.

The premise of John's book is based upon the concepts of creating balance through the recognition and purification of the dark masculine forces within ourselves while honoring and accepting the natural ebb and flow of the divine feminine aspects. Balance for John is achieved primarily through the detachment of the physical concepts of action as a means of solving problems. This concept is what he believes is an example of the dark masculine forces while the feminine divine energy found in nature is patient and doesn't force anything and 'solutions are contemplated and considerations are made for the good of all.' Balance between the dark masculine and feminine divine results in a 'timeless state...that allows us to enter a dimension that exists outside the constraints of time'.

John demonstrates how he is able to comes to terms with the death of his former teacher, Carla, through a dream encounter with her and the application of his concept of maintaining this essential balance in one's life. His message is delivered in a very sincere manner which readers will definitely appreciate and find endearing.

I would recommend reading this book for the insight one can gain into their own dreams as a source of learning and spiritual growth. And I hope all readers will appreciate the understated depth of wisdom offered by the author as he shares his dreams, visions and gifts."

Kim Bold

John Stone, a native of Texas, teaches classes on spiritual visions and out of body travel. He is the Author of Faeries Found, a guide to entering the faerie realms, and The King of Camelot, a book about the life of King Arthur.