Spiritual Visions

Spiritual Visions

When life becomes confusing, we may find that we are being presented with choice. And if we put enough energy into a search for clarity, we may also find that we are gifted with spiritual vision. For some, that may simply be experienced as an inner knowing, resulting from a deepened sense of certainty. For others, a literal vision might accompany that knowing, seeing an actual image or scenario in one's mind, or having an experience of resonance with an outside source. The clarifying outside source mirrors an internal feeling and might be found by picking up a book and happening upon a resonant passage, or from an omen brought by the arrival of an animal. There are many opportunities for Divine guidance to reach us.

But anytime the body is quickened in vibration, when we are uplifted to see the new possibilities brought by vision, the darkness still remaining within is for a moment suspended. As if caught off guard, it releases its hold upon us as we rise to a higher level of consciousness. If one keeps walking, we must eventually leave a peak and drop down into a valley. And so our darkness eventually brings us to that valley, back to the physical realm and into our bodies, grounding us in this dimension where work with the shadow is done. This is where we face the energy behind uncertainty, the confusing darkness within us that originally clouded our vision. When we complete this process, the valley where we stand becomes the elevation of the prior peak and a new peak stands just before us.

But when our consciousness returns to its day to day level, one might just forget the profound wisdom that had recently arrived in the vision. Those that understand how the different levels of consciousness work, know it is time transmute. It is time to release the darkness within our being that prohibited these liberating truths from reaching our consciousness in the first place.
This period often consumes several days or more, as our minds sort through the new vision. Sifting through life experiences before the new knowledge had been delivered to us changes our thinking. It cleanses our being and begins the process for transmuting our karma. It is where we find liberation.

The world would tell us when in doubt to act, buy this, drink that and we will feel better. But we feel better by facing our conscience, righting wrongs and making amends for infractions. This opens us up to living a higher consciousness, where Divine energies might enter our aura and being – it is where we find healing and purpose in the world.

Spiritual Visions may be induced through a number of Eastern and Native American Spiritual Practices. For more information, you can read about the Vision Quest or Vision Dreams.

John Stone, a native of Texas, teaches classes on vision dreams and out of body travel. He has recently authored Cultivating the Divine, Healing the Dark Masculine and Faeries Found, a guide to entering the faerie realms. His first book, The King of Camelot, is about the life of King Arthur.