Psychic Protection on the Internal Journey

The Spiritual Life

Psychic Protection Book

A veteran of thousands of out of body experiences and visions, John Stone shares his knowledge of the spiritual realms in The Spiritual Life. After learning to traverse the internal dimensions and facing its challenges, Stone teaches us about the tests faced when opening up to experience the greater Universe.

"At some point in our evolution, when we desire a deeper connection to the Universe and a Higher Power, we will face lower entities which are simply seeking Oneness with us. For until we can face the darkness within and learn to manage the unconscious expression of it, dark forces will always be attracted to us."

This book is about learning to understand the forces of attraction and repulsion in the Universe and in particular, how to neutralize lower forces in our inner lives, as well as in our daily physical life. 'By gradually becoming conscious of ourselves in the internal realms, we learn a new appreciation for those still mired in desperation. And in doing so, we are freed from the psychic attack that we could potentially otherwise attract.'

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John Stone lives in the high desert mountains of New Mexico, where he offers dreamwork and retreat. Visitors can learn about psychic protection and how to open themselves up to experience a spiritual vision. He is the Author of Cultivating the Divine, a book about Healing the Dark Masculine, and The King of Camelot, a book about the life of King Arthur.