Vision Dreams

Vision Dreams

Many of the richest moments in my life come to me during late morning dream experiences, super conscious visionary experiences - vision dreams. Raised in awareness to an exceptional height, every part of the vision sounds within my body. I am not merely seeing with my eyes, but feeling to a depth that is not attainable when I am physically awake. As a result these experiences cannot help but to deeply influence and even bring about life change.

I make my best decisions when I am calm and able to feel at the greatest depths. That is because when reaching those levels, I simply am in greater touch with what I want. Vision dreams, visions experienced when asleep, can bring about even greater depth. In a single moment, the resulting clarity can dispel complete confusion. The best choice, among any life choices I might be wrestling with, is instantly realized.

In reality, this is the result of a lengthy process of consideration. In alternate realms of consciousness – dream realms that may be completely unconscious to us, we are able to get a taste of what our choices might present, if realized in the earth. We don't want to manifest every possibility in the physical realm, nor do we have time to – so alternate realities help us to choose. They give us the opportunity to experience things without having to fully manifest them into the third dimension. When we have reached some level of certainty, we become open to a visionary experience and vision dreams to clear away the confusion. Some people experience this simply as intuition.

There is a certain amount of work required to regularly reach these states of consciousness, where the Divine might intervene. I must stay in a receiving state of openness. And that is not something that is always easy to do, with worldly pressures bearing down. There are so many temptations within our reach. So many opportunities to walk away from our divinity, attracted to what the world might suggest would make us complete. And of course, walking away to discover what is not meant to be is an important part of the journey as well. But we can pray for guidance and be grateful for when these super conscious vision dreams grace our lives…

There is more information in the rest of this website about how to induce such vision dream experiences.

John Stone, a native of Texas, teaches classes on spiritual visions and out of body travel. He has recently authored Faeries Found, a guide to entering the faerie realms, and The King of Camelot, a book about the life of King Arthur.