Spiritual Retreat

Spiritual Retreat

What to Bring to the Retreat

If Camping:

Sleeping Bag
Air Mattress
Flash Light
Bug Spray
Camp Chair
Tarp for Sun, though there are many trees to camp near.

Also Suggested:

Medicine Items
Hiking Boots
Towels, Biodegradable Soaps
Rain Gear
Art Supplies or other Items
Spiritual Books, Texts
General Clothing Items
Warm Clothes!

Summer temps typically range from 80's during the day to around 50 at night. So a light jacket is required even during the summer. I've actually seen snow flurries in August! Monsoon season begins in July and you can expect regular, though brief rains through the end of August. Fall and Spring weather is unpredictable, but days can still be very warm through October - so be sure to bring clothes for ALL temperature ranges.

We are at an altitude of 7700', so it is important to drink lots of water and allow your body to acclimate to the lower oxygen levels. Plenty of sleep the first couple of days can help. It's also a Ponderosa Pine Forest with a few varities of Cedar, so those with allergies can be challenged in early Spring.

A limited number of tents are available on request. Some indoor space is available. The Dream Room is available for overnights during Private Retreats.

We are semi-off grid and our water comes from catchment. Please conserve water during your visit!

We do suggest you limit or abstain from contact with the outside world during retreats - Our remote location does not have cell or internet service.

The Retreat is an Alcohol, Drug and Gun - Free Zone


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