Spiritual Healing Retreat

Spiritual Healing Retreat

Three Day Holistic Retreat

Join us for three days of renewal and retreat in the high desert mountains of New Mexico. Bordering Native American lands, our rustic retreat offers participants a deep re-connection to the earth. Rituals held in sacred and safe space provide healing and foster personal spiritual growth.

A retreat created for men and women, this event combines an Herbal Medicine workshop and Spirit Communication Class. The weekend concludes with a ceremony to bring heightened consciousness back into our everyday lives.

Ritual provides us with many answers about our lives - as mythical experiences speak the language of our soul. It can open up new areas of energy in our lives, their gifts helping us to gain perspective by offering healing and guidance.

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Fee:   $300 plus transfers if traveling by plane or bus ($50 - $100 each way) from Gallup, Grants or Albuquerque


Currently only Scheduling Private Retreats


John Stone


DreamCamp Retreat
El Morro New Mexico

Retreat Includes:

Fire Ceremony
Herbal Workshop
Spirit Communication Workshop
Spiritual Ceremony
Healing Rituals
Sound Healing Chair
Optional Tour of El Morro

Tent Camping - Cabins available for rent nearby.

Communally prepared meals Friday Dinner through Sunday Lunch.

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Spiritual Healing Retreat New Mexico