Artist Residencies

Thanks for your interest in our Residency Programs!

High in the mountains, in the Ancient Anasazi lands of New Mexico exists a rich and eclectic community of actors, directors, artisans, off-grid enthusiasts, and organic farmers - called El Morro. A pristine land of wind carved mesas, ponderosa pine and cedar forests - today provides a home to many spiritual seekers.

Even though our location is remote, our community art gallery and residents offer many activities, including: Tai Chi, Yoga, Orchestra, Quilting, Potlucks, Open Mics, Drum Circles, Sweatlodges, Vision Quests, Sound Healing, Spiritual Healing Sessions, and more.

The land is open each year from May through October. While other visits are possible, they are dependent upon weather conditions. Our elevation of 7700’ can bring early snow and some winters can be harsh. Thorough preparation makes winters pleasant and restful, though four wheel drive is often required for travel.

We are still developing the land at our new location and do not currently have the capability of hosting long term . . .
Our community exists to support other dreamers that desire to develop their internal and spiritual lives. We ask that any long term visitor participate in activities to beautify the land and make DreamSpace a more habitable place for others to live and thrive. We plan to host summer camp sessions and weekend retreats for those interested in Dreamwork and Sound Healing.
Additional skills offered to interns: Internet Marketing and SEO, Computers, Web Design, Carpentry, Permaculture, Semi Off-Grid Living, Gardening, Fire Spinning 😉

Artist Residency
Both short and long term Artist Residencies will be available when the basic infrastructure is complete. More information will be posted in the summer of 2018.

Check back in the future for updates!