About John Stone

John Stone, Dream Teacher

John Stone, Dream Teacher

Although raised in the city, John Stone was introduced to the outdoors as a young child and often enjoys spending creative time, walking amongst the life-giving trees of the forest. It is there where he finds the inspiration for his writing and teaching, and after living many "incarnations," first as a salesman and horse trainer, he finally settled into a life as a carpenter. Citing two of his greatest life influences as an apprenticeship to a female Shaman and an eleven-year study with spiritualist/medium, the late Carla Neff Gordan, he spends his spare time practicing fire spinning, traversing the dreamworlds and teaching classes in lucid dreaming.

He presently lives in the high desert of New Mexico and makes his living as a dream teacher, writer and web tech.


My Teacher

carla neff gordan

The Late Carla Neff Gordan

Where to start...

Of the many avenues in which you might be introduced to my work, through my blog or published articles and books, Daring to Dream and my new book Cultivating the Divine, give the greatest insight into my spiritual beliefs.

While many Dreamers are focused on learning to control their dreams, my personal interest in dreaming is more of a spiritual nature. I seek highly spiritual experiences with the Divine - life changing visions and lucid dreams that give me insight into my own life and to those around me...

In giving up what I expect in a lucid experience, I am blessed with encounters beyond what my physical mind can image..

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