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Visions and dreams, perhaps best described as psychic expressions of our unconscious, have often influenced our world inspirations for works of art and scientific discoveries are regularly created at the edge of consciousness — in the dream state. Within my own world, understanding my life struggles has been an evolving and unending search within myself. In seeking to find solutions to my growing desire for expression within the physical realm, I often turn to the inner world of vision for my answers.

As an emotional healing modality, Lucid Dreaming experiences are powerfully transforming. Not only is our consciousness dramatically increased in a lucid dream, but we can often see our life conditions from a perspective that results in invaluable change.

In a Lucid Dreaming experience, we may go back to the root of an emotional trauma to find healing. We may also travel back into a past life to re-experience an injury that we never even knew existed.

We are also provided with opportunities to mend and heal relationships in our physical lives, as when we “wake up” in dimensions that exist with greater amounts of light energy, we may be shown previously unseen sources of conflict, that in just moments—can provide instant understanding, acceptance and release.

Visionary Dreaming is truly unparalleled in its power to bring light, hope, and healing into our lives. more

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